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These Chop Zuey Sets are only available at the current round of Designer Showcase! This set is available in white, blue and black. All sets come with a jeweled bangle style bracelet and both long and short earrings as well as a collar style corded necklace.

Here is your shopping  limo ! get them as time is running out!





Chop Zuey~ Sea Mist Set Plus Gift.

This amazing breathtaking and feminine jewelry set by Chop Zuey is available at the current swank round.


Delicate abalone shell like gems  in a beautiful aquamarine color and gold. The complete set comes with a beautiful layered bracelet, earrings and a necklace. This special set has and added bonus for swank with the adorable matching belly chain.


A beautiful set to wear with a sexy outfit or just lounging at the pool.

Thats all my lovelies!

xoxoxo ❤ Vann




Chop Zuey ~ Stormy Heart Set


This set called Stormy Heart is a beautiful oversized heart pendant adorned with flowers and gemstones. The color hud allows you to change the accent stones on the necklace and the earrings. This set is a great deal because we all know how hard it is to find long necklaces in second life that fit well and are also well made.

The set comes with 3 necklaces to layer ( as shown) or they can be worn separately. 2 sizes of earrings are also included in this set. Available at designer showcase but hurry next round starts soon! Here is your LIMO!


That is all for now my lovelies!

XOXOX ❤ Vann


CHOP ZUEY ~ Sub Umbra Floreo – Special Bridal Edition Set.


The wedding season is upon us. Blushing brides all over second life are planning their weddings and trying to find just the right dress… and accessories…

This modern and romantic set is called Sub Umbra Floreo by Chop Zuey. This beautiful bridal special edition set is available now at Designer Showcase .

The set has glittering diamonds and strands of pearls. There is also a matching headband(sold separately)for a Tierra like adornment for your hair.

This set can be worn even after your special day for all sorts of formal occasions when a certain amount of elegance is required.

Here is your Limo.

Paparazzi Set-Special Edition by CHOP ZUEY SWANK

I had a busy March so excuse me that this is late. This set by chop zuey is at Swank and today is your last chance limo to buy this set. Layers of pearls and black and orange diamonds in a gorgeous set that even includes a matching hair pin!

Here is your chance to get it at swank.. Here is your limo.CZ_2_006_CFP.pngPaparazziSet-SpecialEdition-Blk.png

Chop Zuey – A thousand Kisses

Sorry for not blogging so much this week.. but real life well.. it happens. But I really was excited when I got another beautiful new set of jewelry to blog.

This color change set by Chop Zuey. A geometric choker and matching earrings to wear with almost any outfit. Several colors available via the hud  giving you several options to match anything. Beautiful set.


A Thousand Kisses Texture Change Set.png

Thats all for now my lovelies  !

❤ Vann

A Poor Heart Aflame~By CHOP ZUEY



In the spirit of Valentines Day, Chop Zuey has released a breathtaking set called A Poor Heart Aflame.This set is available at the current round at Designer Showcase.

The set has several mix and match heart pendants as well as long chains in both silver and gold. Pearl necklaces and so the combinations of this set is practically endless.The set also includes a pair of chunky heart earrings and matching bracelet.

A wonderful gift for that special lady ( ahem partners  I’m talking to you here lol )

Here is your limo…..





Chop Zuey~Dream of the Rood Set Silver

This set called Dream of the Rood by Chop Zuey is a fun casual set. Definitely spunky and free spirited.

I really love the color of this set. I love silver and the fact that this has both black stones as well as aquamarine colored stones! ( my birthstone heheheheh )

This set is available at the current round of Designer Showcase. I decided to go with my inner biker chick but this set will go well with any casual outfit to give it that little extra flair.



Dream of the Rood Set Silver Vendor.png

Moksha Pearl SET ~ Chop Zuey



The Moksha set by Chop Zuey is really a fun set. I love big bold statement pieces that can go with almost anything and give it that extra pizazz!

It has several colors besides a classic pearl color to chose from. It is available at the November round of Designers showcase.  I went though all the colors and landed on the  gold pearls/ beads.


Moksha Texture Change Set.png

I paired this with a simple yet elegant sweater dress from Maitreya. My favorite heels from #EMPIRE named Aster. My not so serious curly pigtails are by Analog Dog called -Corinne.

.. hope you like the look ..

❤ Vann…..

The Fair Olivia Set – Chop Zuey



Pardon me  lovelies for not blogging for a bit.. between real life and second life I think I need a third life to keep up with it all. I will make it up to you I promise starting with this blog for this breathtaking set by Chop Zuey.

The Fair Olivia Set at the current round of SWANK. This set will look stunning with so many things! it is feminine with out being dainty. It  will make a statement whenever and wherever you wear it. The Fair Olivia Set - White.png