Remember the Queens & Kings…

As this is  Black History Month  I wanted to do a post a little bit different from the norm. Many  choose to reflect on our struggle as African Americans and this is a good thing but we need to also reflect on who we were before we were wrongfully taken to America and turned into slaves.

Many of us have no clue from what part of Africa we came from. I wish I did myself and have been half tempted to get one of those DNA test thingies. I know I’m a mutt but it would be pretty awesome to know the parts of my history that were stripped from me.

Science has already proven that Homo sapiens ( you and me ) originated in Africa. So if  the melanin in your skin is a lot or very little Africa is your mother. Black history is ALL of our history. Black history cannot be squeezed into a little month.. there is just toooooo much…

For this blog I searched the grid for a place and found a beautiful one called ALEXANDREA.


It has the most breath taking builds I have seen for this. It is worth checking out. There is a lot to do as it is a role play community.


I have always been obsessed with Egypt.Not only because I am part African American but just for so many different reasons.It is one of the cradles of civilization and gave birth to some of the earliest developments of  writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government.Egypt is mostly muslim and has been since the seventh century. You can compare this to how christianity in England became the dominant religion.

blog_eqypt_ful.pngPrior to this ancient Egyptian religion was Polytheistic much like other religions of the time.I will not go into any of this in depth…but there are tons of online resources to explain this further.I am not trying to give you a history lesson …but I hope you will go explore this beautiful sim and maybe I gave you some things to think about or peaked your interest in learning about …and some fabulous things to  add to your inventory.



Yasum*Mesh*Armor Bob*resizer scripted*Gold (Tinted) @the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay

::Una:: Shansa Armor top with long skirt  @the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay

lassitude & ennui Elven rings Gold  for Bento hands.@the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay


SC Creations – Ankh Staff


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