Miles of Memories -IMAGE ESSENTIALS Lost Memories


disoriented.pngThe Miles of Memories event is almost here and I’m getting more and more excited!

It took me a minute to find a way to blog this pose prop by Image Essentials called Lost Memories. I have really never blogged a pose or a pose prop  but this one as soon as I opened it up I was in awe. So creative !! This pose prop has 8 poses to pick from. I picked a few and really enjoyed  using it.I used Pose 6 , Pose 1 and Pose 3 in my photos.

People affected by Alzheimers do not just loose there memory all at once they loose little bits at a time. One of my friends growing up was raised by her grandmother and she was diagnosed with it right after we graduated from Jr. High. It’s a sad thing to see your loved one slipping away like that. Precious memories slowly fading away .

For the person who has Alzheimers… they go though several emotions and sometimes small moments of clarity. Its a scary thing for everyone.

If your a model or a blogger or even a photographer  this is a must have item to pick up at the event.


Thats all for now

❤ Vann






  1. Love this. My uncle (mom’s brother) had Alzheimer’s, and Mom was diagnosed with dementia. I’m not sure what the difference is, really, because both affect the mind, memories and emotions and both are exceedingly cruel – not only for those who suffer with it, but also for those left behind to watch their loved one gradually slip away from them.


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