Hiding from the sun…

I live in sacramento and it was H O T today.. I had to to the SPCA to pick up my beloved cat’s ashes. She passed away recently. I somewhat disappeared when that happened and didn’t want to really talk to anyone. . So me and my husband went out to do that but not much else and were glad to be back in the cool air conditioned  house.

I have been both SL & RL  busy! Man oh man this is sounding like a diary entry right now but its whats on my mind. I  did not blog last week mostly because I have been digging my heels deep into my agency and setting up our first fashion show.

So I have been running around doing this and that and planning ahead as always !!!

So this month is almost over and even though it will only get hotter in Sacramento.. I Can’t wait for August!



Style Card

[sYs] IBIZA dress (Maitreya)

#EMPIRE – Trillium – Maitreya



Oceane – Pretty Makeup Pack 2 OMEGA [HUD] ( SWANK JULY )



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