Amadeus.. Featuring Snowpaws


I have been a little AFK this week so pardon my late blog post. Real life thew me a few curveballs, as real life can do.. But when I got back into feeling more myself , retail therapy is always a good way to feel better..




I love shopping at Snowpaws, she always has great deals and her clothing  sometimes just takes me aback with the depth of her creativity. This outfit called Lourdes is one of those garments.This one is a steal of a deal because its her Fifty5 Thursday’s special.

Mind you , when I styled this I new exactly what I wanted to do with it. and it came together in a way I adore.. The looking glass sim also had the perfect spot for photos.

Other items

LaGyo_Avaryza headpiece – Black ( GATCHA)
[dys] NOIR BANGLE ( Old item a friend made eons ago, still love this !)


For your listening pleasure.. A little modern , and a little old , old school .. =)



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