Lemonade …..Ferosh Fashion Week Featuring Zafair ..

Ferosh Fashion Week Featuring Zafair ..

Went to Ferosh and sort of ….. well…  broke my linden wallet and shopped a little to much ! But I think every everyone is guilty of that. =P

However, the stuff from Zafair  I fell in love with completely…. love at first sight !!! I want it all and it was hard to choose what I wanted but my eye kept going to the lemons and so that was the winner of the day. It was so fun and bright and just caught my eye. If you do not know, Zafair  is the rebranded company of  [ChickZafari]








I took my photos at the fabulous  Crestwick Island. A good friend of mine owns it and its an amazing place to take pictures. Defiantly a good place to explore for all sorts of reasons.

Available at Ferosh

Zafair – Skirt High -Lemons
Zafair – Bustier Limonero
Zafair – Agua de Rocio Shades -Yellow
Zafair – Agua de Rocio Earrings- Yellow

Other Items
#EMPIRE – Aster
Tukinowaguma Silvie 





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