Lupus Fair Vero Modero Exclusive


May is Lupus awareness month. Sigma Upsilon Nu is currently hosting there annual Lupus Awareness fair. Durring the month of May you can get exclusives from tons of designers with proceeds going to help fight lupus. There are a host of  activities all month long to help raise money to go towards finding a cure for this disease. If you do not know what Lupus is you can find out more here :

I chose to style one of the exclusives and do a vlog style post. I am getting back into do doing short videos instead of  all static blogs. I hope you enjoy. The style card is bellow as well  as in the credits of the video. Be sure to visit the Lupus Awareness Fair in second life.





EMO-tions – NANIA Hair 

Angel Rock – Nails for MAITREYA 

Meva Butterfly Cluster *GATCHA*

Oceane – Butterfly Face Adornment

Lazuri  – Cocoa Island  Set

 SIM Lupus Awarness Fair      Tropical Fantasy/105/160/4003


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