Second life


I am an avatar….. a virtual representation of whatever i choose made of pixels on a screen.

i am a doll to be dressed up. ..a 3D barbie….

I am free from the limitations of real life…

i can fly..

i can not get hurt or get sick or die…

 i am invincible.

Real life


I am a woman…

I am a  caring person who loves with her whole heart…

I am a fighter…the world is so full of injustice and pain that to not fight is to die..

 I am a feminist…i belive in equality…

 I am a humanist…

I believe in people.. not deities.. 

 I am bisexual & biracial

I am a gamer…

I am REAL 

This post is personal. I am making a statement, If it offends you then .. thats not my intention.. it is to make you think..

Censorship is not something i want in rl or sl. The fact that I am USING censorship bars on a avatar is quite amusing if you ask me….



  1. You rock V. I think this says it all in a nut shell to all that judge what others do…..For me I live in a free country with free everything… thank you for making my day honey.

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