Winter is coming…

Winter is coming… its getting colder, even in California.  However, we don’t get the joy of snow. Well, we DO sometimes however it’s more rare than getting a ultra rare gatcha lol!
If you really want snow you have to drive a few hours over to Nevada. My husband doesn’t mind the absence of snow since he is from Holland. This is warm to him lol!
Snow is magical to me it’s something I have always found extremely beautiful. I love exploring all the wintery sims in SL. I think I need to take a trip soon and get the real thing but for now I can get my winter fix in SL.

My apologies to my followers that I skipped 2 weeks of blogging. Omg so busy in sl. I spent last weekend styling and finally opening my store. Then my internet wanted to go and be stupid.

Finally I had the time today so I decided to blog one of my dresses. The dress is called Love Spell. It is a warm turtleneck gown in burnout velvet with a contrasting color drop waist skirt. You will be warm but you will also be stylish.It can be dressed up or down with the right accessories.






Style Card
{V.U} Love Spell Velvet Burnout Gown Emerald 
Tableau Vivant~  Snow Queen – Hair
Lagyo Imogene Necklace 

Make up
Envy Lips * personal creation*
#Adorned Little Sparkles Eyeshadow
#Adorned Loorde Eyeliner




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