i love you…. I know…….


I went to the We ❤ Role-play event today and well .. this is one of my favorite inworld events. I have not done cosplay in rl.. although I would. I love that in SL you can be whoever or whatever you want to be and I love all the designs that this event generates. The creativity is tremendous. Now I know I did another si-fi post not to long ago. However, Me and my best friend were talking about going to the new Star Wars when it comes out the other day and when I went to the role play even i saw a few things and in my head all I could think of was one of the greatest, in my opinion love stories of all time….HAN SOLO AND PRINCESS LEIA!!! DUH!!!!!

Anyway, I thought after my post last week that I would do something for just fun. Princess Leiah is one of my favorite movie characters. So I thought I would play off of this a little bit and get my SL COSPLAY ON!!!!!

Now for those hardcore Star Wars fans, I know Leia didn’t have lightsabers ..but wouldn’t it rock if she did?

Stye Card

#adored – autumn shadows – thunderstorm
*BC* Eyelashes
Analog Dog – pipe dream
Garbaggio // Vixen Boots – White
Dead Dollz Lumen – Silver MAITREYA  ( WE ❤ ROLEPLAY )
Starkiller Trailer Saber
Meva Silver Art Necklace
Meva Tudor Earmuffs & Tiara Black ( WE ❤ ROLEPLAY )
PEQE – Monster Fur Cloak
PEQE – The Raven Sleeves


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