We Come in Peace.. and Fashionable…

We Come in Peace.. and Fashionable…Featuring Rapture for Penumbra and N-Core for Kustom9

Ok. So I am letting my geek flag fly a little bit with this post and tittle. You may get it or not but I had so much fun putting this look together and taking pics !!! There more on the artsy side but I think they are cool!


About the look….

I was shopping at Penumbra and found this wicked dress by Rapture. The boots by N-core called CLEO I picked up at Kustom9 event going on now. They have a pair for every body you can think of. I am wearing my Belleza Venus body with them in this styling.I could have went with this dress and boots a totally different direction but Then i saw this crazy hair only available on the marketplace. She has some seriously twisted outrageous hair…I am wearing Lunch 2.0 by Gesamtkunstwerk/ZweiPunktNull Better known as Griddie.


Make up

#adored – faerie faece

[Curves] Gothika Make-up: Silver Eyeshandow – Silver Lips


Finesmith – Droid Earrings



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