Trick or Treat? Definitely Treat!

FAD Event – Featuring  Baboom, Indyra, Wicca’s Wardrobe , TASHI & JLZ Fashion….

Ok.. ok… ! I know its not EXACTLY October .. but for me it is close enough! Halloween is my favorite holiday by far…My mom decorated for every holiday but for Halloween we went ALL OUT!  I adore everything about Halloween.. Maybe that is why my favorite color is orange! ( lol)

This cycle at FAD there are some sweet fashion treats and I had to scoop them up and blog this styling.


All items are available at the FAD event going on NOW!

JLZ Fashion – black kitty heels

TASHI This is Halloween NailPolish

Baboom Pumpkin HAT

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Grammostola Necklace


Spider Earrings- *Vintage* Donna Flora 

Glamorize Lumina Lips Pumpkin

Oceane – Elegant Mesh Eyeliner

Amacci Hair Nicky


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