Miles of Memories~PINK ICE BOUTIQUE


This outfit called Mandy by PINK ICE BOUTIQUE  will be available at the Miles of Memories event.

This halter top and mini is in a deep eggplant color. The halter has a square bow ribbon around the collar.Good outfit for cutting loose. I decided to go clubbing and  blow of a little steam from the work week. Great outfit !




Thats all for now !

❤ vann

Chop Zuey ~ San Guerlain Cameo Set


This Chop Zuey set is currently at this round at the Designer Showcase. It’s a set that can  be worn for both a formal event or even a more relaxed outing with friends. It has several different necklaces at different lengths and a choker that can be mixed and matched to create several looks. You also get a cameo broach as well .

There is a color change hud so it is very customizable when it comes to matching it with your favorite outfit.

Designer Showcase should be on your weekend shopping teleport list so go what are you waiting for ..  Get Shopping !

San Guerlain Cameo Set.png

xoxox Vann❤

In your Shoes Fair! 2016 — Trinity Stylings

It is estimated that 300 million people around the world between the ages of 20 and 79 suffer from diabetes mellitus. Most of them do not become aware of it early enough to receive appropriate treatment. If diabetes mellitus goes untreated and is not under control, it can cause serious health problems and even death. […]

via In your Shoes Fair! 2016 — Trinity Stylings


Goddess Queen by P R E Y



The August group gift is out and it is fit for a Goddess! You will commanding heads to turn as you walk by in this dress. The sexy one shoulder number in a rich currant color is accented with gold ribbon that wraps around the waist. A long chiffon shoulder scarf attached with a small gold  leaf epaulet drapes elegantly down your back.  This dress also comes with gold matching gladiator heel sandals to complete the outfit.


Here is  your Limo to PREY snatch this beautiful outfit up!


Chop Zuey ~The Ashby-de-la-Zouch Cameo Set

This new set by Chop Zuey is available at the FREE DOVE  upstairs for only $L399.00 which is a good deal for this elegant and timeless set comprised of pearls and elaborate cameos.

You get 2 sets of earrings with this set. A simple teardrop pearl and drop and cameo earrings. This also comes with 2 pearl bracelets and a choker. The back of the choker is fastened with a diamond bar clasp.

This is a set that can be worn over and over again.This is a  definate must have for your jewelry collection.


cz_bp.pngThe Ashby-de-la-Zouch Cameo Set.png



Denim Obsession…



There is a old fashion rule about not wearing denim all together. Let me emphasize OLD!

It really depends on how you put it together. I calling this blog Denim obsession because of how obsessive I was to get this perfect…. It started with picking up these wicked denim boots from the mesh body addicts fair from Hucci.

That small random purchase started me on finding the perfect look to show how denim can be worn all together and be modern and fresh.

I paired these boots with some darker denim hot pants by Addams fit for Maitreya. There is a hud so even with the solid color purchaces you can still change things like the metal color on the belt.

The jacket is from Ricielli  in a light blue and comes with the shirt insert so there is no need to try to find a shirt to layer with the jacket.

Pulling this look together I added the *limited Edition* Marife Deluxe Sunglasses by Zafair at MonsieurChic. A simple gold necklace from Yummy and some rings by Pick Acid available at The Dressing Room this round.

The hair I bought a few weeks ago and really had not worn it , god knows why because I am love with it. It is by eXxEsS called Cassis. Its got movement to it without having flexi added to the mesh ( I do not know how but we need more hair like this !!! )

My lipstick is from my favorite make up store,Oceane (Just Kissed Fat Pack 1)

I have to say a little PET PEEVE of mine thinking about omega appliers or the lack there of.. HEY DESIGNERS MAKE OMEGAS, ITS NOT HARD TO DO!!!!!!! ( I know its not , I have made them… ahem.. )

Since my mesh head is a custom based on my actual sl face, I look and scoop up anything omega!! Sometimes the quality is not so good.. I never have that problem with Oceane.. so if you want or need good omega make up, this is defiantly the place to go.

All in all I love this look. I hope you do too…





Madam Commander -Morgan by P R E Y


Ok.. you can probably blame  my obsession for SCI-FI or my marathon watching of old Star Trek shows on Hulu as I wait to go see the new movie this weekend. ( Hopefully) This styling is definite exposing my geeky side .. a little bit =P

When I put this dress on…i felt.. important and sexy!!! I felt strong, daring and in charge so I went that direction. The shoulder epaulet and arm band  seem to give me a powerful feeling .. pared with  a balance of feminity with the interesting asymmetrical cut of the dress.









Hiding from the sun…

I live in sacramento and it was H O T today.. I had to to the SPCA to pick up my beloved cat’s ashes. She passed away recently. I somewhat disappeared when that happened and didn’t want to really talk to anyone. . So me and my husband went out to do that but not much else and were glad to be back in the cool air conditioned  house.

I have been both SL & RL  busy! Man oh man this is sounding like a diary entry right now but its whats on my mind. I  did not blog last week mostly because I have been digging my heels deep into my agency and setting up our first fashion show.

So I have been running around doing this and that and planning ahead as always !!!

So this month is almost over and even though it will only get hotter in Sacramento.. I Can’t wait for August!



Style Card

[sYs] IBIZA dress (Maitreya)

#EMPIRE – Trillium – Maitreya



Oceane – Pretty Makeup Pack 2 OMEGA [HUD] ( SWANK JULY )



Amadeus.. Featuring Snowpaws


I have been a little AFK this week so pardon my late blog post. Real life thew me a few curveballs, as real life can do.. But when I got back into feeling more myself , retail therapy is always a good way to feel better..




I love shopping at Snowpaws, she always has great deals and her clothing  sometimes just takes me aback with the depth of her creativity. This outfit called Lourdes is one of those garments.This one is a steal of a deal because its her Fifty5 Thursday’s special.

Mind you , when I styled this I new exactly what I wanted to do with it. and it came together in a way I adore.. The looking glass sim also had the perfect spot for photos.

Other items

LaGyo_Avaryza headpiece – Black ( GATCHA)
[dys] NOIR BANGLE ( Old item a friend made eons ago, still love this !)


For your listening pleasure.. A little modern , and a little old , old school .. =)



Lemonade …..Ferosh Fashion Week Featuring Zafair ..

Ferosh Fashion Week Featuring Zafair ..

Went to Ferosh and sort of ….. well…  broke my linden wallet and shopped a little to much ! But I think every everyone is guilty of that. =P

However, the stuff from Zafair  I fell in love with completely…. love at first sight !!! I want it all and it was hard to choose what I wanted but my eye kept going to the lemons and so that was the winner of the day. It was so fun and bright and just caught my eye. If you do not know, Zafair  is the rebranded company of  [ChickZafari]








I took my photos at the fabulous  Crestwick Island. A good friend of mine owns it and its an amazing place to take pictures. Defiantly a good place to explore for all sorts of reasons.

Available at Ferosh

Zafair – Skirt High -Lemons
Zafair – Bustier Limonero
Zafair – Agua de Rocio Shades -Yellow
Zafair – Agua de Rocio Earrings- Yellow

Other Items
#EMPIRE – Aster
Tukinowaguma Silvie