A Poor Heart Aflame~By CHOP ZUEY



In the spirit of Valentines Day, Chop Zuey has released a breathtaking set called A Poor Heart Aflame.This set is available at the current round at Designer Showcase.

The set has several mix and match heart pendants as well as long chains in both silver and gold. Pearl necklaces and so the combinations of this set is practically endless.The set also includes a pair of chunky heart earrings and matching bracelet.

A wonderful gift for that special lady ( ahem partners  I’m talking to you here lol )

Here is your limo…..






Shelter me from the storm…Featuring ::ALTER::

Introducing an new release from ALTER called Morgana.A beautiful relaxed but well put together casual look for the cold days ahead. Black is always elegant to me regardless and this is something I would totally wear for many occasions.


This Highly detailed asymmetrical cut soft velour knit sweater dress has an elaborate contrasting pattern down the bib of the dress.The leather mini skirt is attached for a tunic over mini skirt look.  It comes with mid thigh-high pointed toe leather boots.



Hair – [BURLEY]_Glitch

Eye Makeup- Sn@tch Temptress  ( Omega Applier & standard layers )


Remember the Queens & Kings…

As this is  Black History Month  I wanted to do a post a little bit different from the norm. Many  choose to reflect on our struggle as African Americans and this is a good thing but we need to also reflect on who we were before we were wrongfully taken to America and turned into slaves.

Many of us have no clue from what part of Africa we came from. I wish I did myself and have been half tempted to get one of those DNA test thingies. I know I’m a mutt but it would be pretty awesome to know the parts of my history that were stripped from me.

Science has already proven that Homo sapiens ( you and me ) originated in Africa. So if  the melanin in your skin is a lot or very little Africa is your mother. Black history is ALL of our history. Black history cannot be squeezed into a little month.. there is just toooooo much…

For this blog I searched the grid for a place and found a beautiful one called ALEXANDREA.


It has the most breath taking builds I have seen for this. It is worth checking out. There is a lot to do as it is a role play community.


I have always been obsessed with Egypt.Not only because I am part African American but just for so many different reasons.It is one of the cradles of civilization and gave birth to some of the earliest developments of  writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government.Egypt is mostly muslim and has been since the seventh century. You can compare this to how christianity in England became the dominant religion.

blog_eqypt_ful.pngPrior to this ancient Egyptian religion was Polytheistic much like other religions of the time.I will not go into any of this in depth…but there are tons of online resources to explain this further.I am not trying to give you a history lesson …but I hope you will go explore this beautiful sim and maybe I gave you some things to think about or peaked your interest in learning about …and some fabulous things to  add to your inventory.



Yasum*Mesh*Armor Bob*resizer scripted*Gold (Tinted) @the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay

::Una:: Shansa Armor top with long skirt  @the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay

lassitude & ennui Elven rings Gold  for Bento hands.@the current round of  WE ❤ Roleplay


SC Creations – Ankh Staff


WE are Dragons…

I tried to do a typical fashion post today.. but that is not whats on my mind. I wrote a poem instead.. I do that sometimes. .. but it’s inspired by dragons. My Chinese sign is a fire dragon and either because of that or just because they are amazing symbols of strength and courage… I love them and they fascinate me.

In the world I believe we should be dragons. Have courage in the face of adversity and realize that we are powerful…



The background for my fashion photos is an exhibit that will soon be closing so be sure to check it out before it does. .“From Here On There Be Dragons” by Alpha Auer, one of the most distinctive artists in Second Life! Exhibit held at Split Screen Installation Space until Jan. 31.( *from second life website)



The weight of the cosmos is breathing down on the earth …

Our world is gasping for breath..

unsure of its future…

The  Fates are cackling . .

plucking at the strings watching it all unravel…..

The savior of humanity….



WE  have to be  STRONG…

WE have to find our P O W E R ….

our VOICES need to spit FIRE …

to ignite  C H A N G E for a better future for all..

xoxox ❤ Vann~



Belle Epoque { Ingrid } @THE SEASONS STORY

Saffie Headpiece- ZIBSKA 

Biarritz Beaded Collar Maxi Gossamer 





It’s not raining in Mexico~Designer Circle Goodies

blogging_002.pngMother nature sure gave California a lot of wet kisses these last few weeks. According to the government the drought we are in is finally shrinking .. However here in California were not used to it even though we need it.. .. we prefer  warmer temperatures.

Lights flickering… high winds…. flooded streets.UGH!. I think my surge protector needs to be upgraded as I believe thats what killed my lovely desktop.. =(* Hopefully Fedex brings me something tomorrow to solve that.

new_blog_post_cropped.pngEnough  about rain and my  broken computer… let’s talk fashion!

While I was at Designer Circle, I found some good deals I want to share!

I am wearing an outfit by Prism called Andes.(Prism Andes Poncho & Skirt Set #1)

The color and pattern remind me of warmer temperatures..a  plus when outside is ugly, wet and, cold. You can keep toasty and be colorful and cheery even on the dreariest day of the year.

The boots are also from Designer Circle by Slipper. These heeled boots are cosy and sexy.

This styling is colorful and casual ..hope you enjoy xoxox ,

Vann ❤


Other items in this styling 


l&e Boho rings ( For Vista Pro Hands )

~GD~DoLL Slay ( For Vista Pro Hands )

Pearl Dimple Stud  Piercing

~DG~ Lips Ring for Catwa  ( bento)

*ScS* Alluring Lipstick Catwa Appliers

David Heather-Dolce Purse/Mahogany



Gotta catch me …Featuring [SyS]

U L T R A  opens TODAY… Jan 15th 2017. I went to get some goodies prior to the opening to see what we can expect from the designers this round.

There are a lot of exciting goodies to pick up. I am wearing this new jumpsuit by [SyS] called PUMP.This outfit can be styled several ways but when I think of [SyS] I tend to think more FUTURISTIC !!!


Remember U L T R A  opens today sooooo… go get shopping !

Other items in this look…..

NeverWish -Wheel Boots

lock&tuft – cy hair & Visor

NVT-6 Robotic Arms

[CX] Bento Piercing Snakebite piercings

 MAD – reptile lip Applier.


Waiting on U .. featuring ::ALTER::

I am wearing  an outfit by ALTER that is available at the current round at SWANK.

The Leather jacket is called Simone and the matching leather pants are called EVA. This outfit is so daring & sexy! The open jacket has a motorcycle style with silver zippers on the sleeves and a square neck. The pants  continue the zipper motif and have open slits on the legs.

The texturing has a alligator leather look to it and it is highly detailed.
This outfit is topped off with the matching shoes called Kaiya.

This leather outfit  is way wicked! It is available at SWANK this round in more colors. The color I am wearing is called Greeny.waitingonu_main.pngwaitingonu_blog_shoes.png


Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Dream Feather

^Swallow^^ Nisha Septum Ring/ BLACK


little bones. Olympia Hair. ( COLLABOR88 )

Angel Rock Rich Bitch Nails

Thats all for now my lovelies!


❤ Vann




I don’t care if you love me … I love myself …

Hello Lovlies!

So I was shopping …trying to see if I missed any hot designer must haves and WOW DID I!…  newblog.png

So…while I was hopping around to different events I picked up this rockin’sweater from UBER by SPIRIT. I got the black one but it comes in several other colors.This sweater is the &^%$!!!!!!! It’s got a retro 80’s vibe. leather & lace and ruffles.. sweet n tuff  .. oh my in love!

I paired this with a mini skirt from Blueberry and some new heels also found at Uber by PHEDORA called Noley. The color hud has several colors so you can bet you can match them with just about everything!

The hair I am wearing is by Little Bones called  Iliana. My nails are one of my favorites of the moment, the Russian almond shaped nails by FORMANAILS.

Thats it for now.. Happy Shopping!

xoxoxo ❤



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Sorry for the lack of posts but Santa decided to give me germs for Xmas LOL ! But I am thankful to be slowly returning to the land of the living !

I have been uber busy the last 2 days  playing catch up with both rl and sl so I’m thankful to get a chance to post a blog for you guys especially of one of my favorite designers who holds a special place in my heart.

I am wearing the Glory gown in Citrine by White Room Couture. This gown is made for the Maitreya body and comes in several fun colors. There are 3 versions of this gown. 2 of them have animation so it gives it extra glitter and shine.

It is a fun  gown to be worn out on the town. The side ruffle and the asymmetrical hem  will show off your legs. White Room couture has everything from fun flirty gowns to elegant evening attire.



Chop Zuey~Dream of the Rood Set Silver

This set called Dream of the Rood by Chop Zuey is a fun casual set. Definitely spunky and free spirited.

I really love the color of this set. I love silver and the fact that this has both black stones as well as aquamarine colored stones! ( my birthstone heheheheh )

This set is available at the current round of Designer Showcase. I decided to go with my inner biker chick but this set will go well with any casual outfit to give it that little extra flair.



Dream of the Rood Set Silver Vendor.png