My October has been quite busy.. Sometimes when you feel that your so busy that life is nothing but a series of have to do’s you forget to let yourself just be calm and be still ….


Open your heart to the universe …

let the vibrations sooth your spirit

breathe in the love all around you …

and let your soul BREATHE

~ by Vann ~


Style Card

[FORMANAILS]  Rings Simple Gold

Zenith 3faces Statue Headpiece ( WE❤ Roleplay )

[[ Masoom ]]  Sofia Gown – Maitreya Red ( WE❤ Roleplay )


.:EMO-tions:. * LALEEN * /naturals2

Make up ( custom )

Mesh head ( custom)

The Fair Olivia Set – Chop Zuey



Pardon me  lovelies for not blogging for a bit.. between real life and second life I think I need a third life to keep up with it all. I will make it up to you I promise starting with this blog for this breathtaking set by Chop Zuey.

The Fair Olivia Set at the current round of SWANK. This set will look stunning with so many things! it is feminine with out being dainty. It  will make a statement whenever and wherever you wear it. The Fair Olivia Set - White.png



Miles of Memories ~ Miss Darcy – Deusa Gown


The Deusa gown by Miss Darcy is pure feminine elegance. It has a lace bodice and sheer shoulder accents that flow down your back and glide behind you as you walk. This semi sheer gown will move with you as you dance the night away…



The Miles of Memories sim is now officially open .. Come on over and shop for a great cause !

Chop Zuey ~The Chanel Set

This set is available currently at Designer Showcase this round. You can buy different parts of the set or the full set. I am wearing the necklace and earrings.

The set is bold and colorful and is simply beautiful! Big earrings and statement necklaces are my weakness when buying jewelry  ! c_zf.png.jpg

Totally in love…I am sure you will be too..


Thats all for now !

❤ Vann



TRON by Prey is available at Designers Showcase this round. This outfit is pure electricity. Neon yellow and black contrasting pants paired with a cropped top with a little peek a boo action. The look is completed with sexy black booties for SLINK feet and  arm pads .. just in case you need a little protection ….=P


Thats all for now …

❤ Vann


Miles of Memories -IMAGE ESSENTIALS Lost Memories


disoriented.pngThe Miles of Memories event is almost here and I’m getting more and more excited!

It took me a minute to find a way to blog this pose prop by Image Essentials called Lost Memories. I have really never blogged a pose or a pose prop  but this one as soon as I opened it up I was in awe. So creative !! This pose prop has 8 poses to pick from. I picked a few and really enjoyed  using it.I used Pose 6 , Pose 1 and Pose 3 in my photos.

People affected by Alzheimers do not just loose there memory all at once they loose little bits at a time. One of my friends growing up was raised by her grandmother and she was diagnosed with it right after we graduated from Jr. High. It’s a sad thing to see your loved one slipping away like that. Precious memories slowly fading away .

For the person who has Alzheimers… they go though several emotions and sometimes small moments of clarity. Its a scary thing for everyone.

If your a model or a blogger or even a photographer  this is a must have item to pick up at the event.


Thats all for now

❤ Vann





Miles of Memories~PINK ICE BOUTIQUE


This outfit called Mandy by PINK ICE BOUTIQUE  will be available at the Miles of Memories event.

This halter top and mini is in a deep eggplant color. The halter has a square bow ribbon around the collar.Good outfit for cutting loose. I decided to go clubbing and  blow of a little steam from the work week. Great outfit !




Thats all for now !

❤ vann

Chop Zuey ~ San Guerlain Cameo Set


This Chop Zuey set is currently at this round at the Designer Showcase. It’s a set that can  be worn for both a formal event or even a more relaxed outing with friends. It has several different necklaces at different lengths and a choker that can be mixed and matched to create several looks. You also get a cameo broach as well .

There is a color change hud so it is very customizable when it comes to matching it with your favorite outfit.

Designer Showcase should be on your weekend shopping teleport list so go what are you waiting for ..  Get Shopping !

San Guerlain Cameo Set.png

xoxox Vann❤

In your Shoes Fair! 2016 — Trinity Stylings

It is estimated that 300 million people around the world between the ages of 20 and 79 suffer from diabetes mellitus. Most of them do not become aware of it early enough to receive appropriate treatment. If diabetes mellitus goes untreated and is not under control, it can cause serious health problems and even death. […]

via In your Shoes Fair! 2016 — Trinity Stylings


Goddess Queen by P R E Y



The August group gift is out and it is fit for a Goddess! You will commanding heads to turn as you walk by in this dress. The sexy one shoulder number in a rich currant color is accented with gold ribbon that wraps around the waist. A long chiffon shoulder scarf attached with a small gold  leaf epaulet drapes elegantly down your back.  This dress also comes with gold matching gladiator heel sandals to complete the outfit.


Here is  your Limo to PREY snatch this beautiful outfit up!